This from 1928 Mercedes - Benz TYP S has nearly 90 years old, it was at the time of social celebrity in the very large, was labeled "King of the car" label. The label is not worthy of the name, its power output in the state with a supercharger to 176 horsepower, its name in the "S" also means a real versatile, in the track or the mountain has a decent performance . During the recession, Mercedes-Benz sold the model fit audi tt turbocharger for $ 7,000 (equivalent to tens of thousands of pounds today), with a limit of 174 units. The Chevrolet did not grab a lot of headlines, but the design is very picky. It is equipped with V8 engine, said the maximum output power can reach 482 horsepower, matching 4-speed transmission, and each tire has a separate suspension system wrx turbocharger. It was revised in 2009, I do not know whether it can encounter a good master with it back to track? The 250 GT Series II Cabriolet and 275GTB is not something similar? It is equipped with a 3.0-liter V12 engine, the maximum output power of 235 horsepower, participated in many road car race, and in 2011 after a repair, repair last year, brake caliper, mechanical parts fit vw passat turbocharger to ensure that this Taiwan 250GT a new look.